Make a Cellulite-Fighting Scrub With Your Leftover Coffee Beans

You're not the only one who needs coffee to jump-start their morning. Late nights, cold mornings, and a packed agenda for the day leaves room for only one solution: Caffeine. This ingredient doesn't just work magic when brewed in a cup either—it's a total miracle worker when it comes to your skin. Specifically dry, scaly, exfoliate-me-now bodies.

Coffee scrubs are having a serious moment on the beauty scene right now, but you don't need to hand over $20 to get that caffeine-induced glow—simple keep your ground coffee, raid your kitchen for some salt or sugar, and get blending. Here's a simple (but effective!) recipe to get you started.


1 cup ground organic coffee

1 cup organic sugar or salt

1 oz (30 ml) The Buff body oil

1 tablespoon vanilla extract (optional)


Steralize a mason jar, spoon, and a bowl using alcohol and hot water.

Mix all ingredients together in the steralized bowl and and store in the steralized, airtight mason jar.

Use weekly, or more often if needed, by taking a generous amount into a warm shower and rubbing into the skin using a circular motion. Rinse.

Follow by massaging The Buff body oil into damp, warm skin after showering.

Image via Little Drill