Group Therapy: How Do I Get Rid of My Shaving Scars?


By Jasmine Garnsworthy

The legacy of my stubborn attitude towards just about everything my parents tried to teach me as an adolescent is a pattern of white and pink shaving scars decorating my knees, shins, and ankles (the trickiest part) that are visible now, even as a full-grown adult woman. Those shaving scars are still as visible as ever.

Although my mum offered—and eventually begged—to teach me the art of hair removal, 15-year-old Jasmine wasn’t having any of it. And I’m literally left with the scars of that shitty decision more than a decade later. Today, if I have a fresh acne or shaving scar (yeah, it still sometimes happens) that needs a little encouragement to disappear I’ve got the skills at tools ready. (A rotation of retinol, jojoba oil, glycolic acid, and geranium and frankincense oils.) But, the shaving scars from my youth have really settled in thanks to a decade of pure neglect—and my normal scar fixes just aren’t cutting it at this late stage.

So, I put it to you, my Prettyish community: How are you healing old scars—the physical kind—through treatments, products, or tools? Or should I just accept that there are worse things in life than a few shaving scars, and move on. Drop your life–and beauty—advice in the comments. TIA!

Images via @billie

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