Goal-Setting With Matcha Maiden’s Sarah Holloway


By Shilpa Bhim


It feels like we’re three months into 2019, but congrats: you made it through January. Our New Year’s resolutions though? Not so much. In an effort to stay focused on the resolutions that felt so important to us on Dececember 31, we asked lawyer-turned-entrepreneur and co-founder of Matcha Maiden, Sarah Holloway, to share some of the strategies she relies on to set and achieve her goals.

Write your goals down.

Yes, you’ve heard this before, but that’s because it works. “I think of it like opening a creative can of worms, sometimes you just have to start writing down thoughts and ideas first and then let them formulate as you go along,” Sarah explained.

Take the time to set and review your goals.

Sarah is big on New Year’s resolutions and usually starts to think about goals and projects in December, before sitting down in late December/early January to plan out her year. But that's not the only time she considers her resolutions—Sarah regularly reviews her goals throughout the year to track progress and add new things to her list. “I'd say maybe even weekly or fortnightly, I go back to my journal or lists and see how I'm tracking.” It doesn’t really matter how you choose to check back in on your goals, Sarah says, as long as you “consciously put aside some kind of time for them.”

Set time limits for your goals.

“I generally set myself time limits for each of them,” Sarah told The Prettyish. “Some of them have fixed time frames, some are just at some stage during the year and some are more vague, broad principles to live by.”


Photo: @spoonful_of_sarah and Matcha Maiden


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